VVI Tour Learn Earn More Seminar

AP Alpha founder attended the VVI Tour Learn More Earn More seminar at the Sheraton Saigon Hotel in July as a panelist in the talk show “Fund Talks on Vietnam stocks”, alongside two other investment experts – Mr. Bill Stoops, CIO of Dragon Capital, and Mr. Vu Huu Dien, Portfolio Manager of VEIL Investment Fund.

During the talk show, AP Alpha’s founder had advised that Thai investors, when entering the Vietnam stock market, instead of studying the market as a whole, should just look into the portfolios of several big funds, pick out a few recurring stock tickers, and then “do your homework” to find out which companies possess competitive advantages, as well as decent growth and profit margin. To mitigate risks, investors should avoid any firms with “rumors” on conflicts of interest, trade with relating parties, or stock price manipulations.