Founded in 2017, AP Alpha has a team of six investment team members and four additional employees. Our team has years of experience in investment banking, business operations, and over 15 years of experience in public equity investments. This breadth and depth of perspective  allows us to consistently outperform the market.  

About AP Alpha

Prior to 2017, AP Alpha mainly performs investment advisory, risk management and long term capital growth advisory for financial institutions, corporates and high net worth individuals. 

AP Alpha launched the APF1 portfolio in the beginning of 2017 and the APF2 portfolio in 2019 to manage assets of the founder, friends, family, and others who trust that AP Alpha will be able to grow their assets in the long term. Since then, we have been lucky to meet and earn the trust of more investors who believe in our investment philosophy and chose to accompany us on our journey. 

What makes AP Alpha different?

focus, fair, transparent

Over 50%

is the ownership of the founder in AP Alpha portfolios. 

AP Alpha believes that investors should only choose companies where the majority of investible assets of the company’s manager is invested together with investors. 

The manager of AP Alpha commits to invest most of his investible assets with AP Alpha’s investors. This will create interest alignment and complete focus towards the best investment returns, eliminating potential conflicts of interest and any distractions. 

Unique investment approach

20% / year

is the target average return of AP Alpha in a 5-7 years time horizon.

The AP Alpha team is trained to refrain from paying attention to short term market index fluctuations.  

We believe that focusing on short term results is unsustainable, difficult to outperform the market, and can even lead to losses due to over-guessing the market. 

AP Alpha look for the best companies in Vietnam, with sustainable competitive advantages and run by a team of capable, honest and united managers. 

From our investment experience, we see that there are not many publicly listed companies that qualify our strict standards. The ability to deeply understand businesses to accompany them long-term is the key to achieve outstanding returns at the lowest level of risk. 

resolute investment mentality

Over 15 years

of training to ignore noises in the market. 

A resolute mentality is the hardest skill to master in the art of investment.

We believe that not everyone possesses the appropriate expertise required to invest in a stock market full of temptations. Investors will need a significant amount of time and experience in the market to separate themselves from emotions of greed and fear.

With over 15 years of experience, going through many ups and downs of the market and the economy, the AP Alpha team has been trained to ignore noises in the market. AP Alpha will only focus on investment activities and the businesses we have invested in to truly understand the core factors, despite all temptations on the market.